Wondering around Soho recently I decided to visit the comic book shop Gosh, a place I used to frequent in my student days. As I browsed the comics I was amazed by the variety of design, illustration and printing techniques used. It was also nice to see a mix of people and genders buying comic books - when I first walked in 15 years ago the clientele were mainly men! I suppose we have to thank the big hollywood movie franchises that have increased the popularity of comics and have made so many more people aware of this art form. I for one am not going to leave it so long before stocking up!

Here is a selection of the comics I bought on my recent trip. They are all worth checking out:
Jungle Night by Renata Gasiorowska 
Pages On A Theme by Kristyna Kaczynski
Treasure Island Part 1 by Connor Willumsen
Dumb #1 by Georgia Webber